Working for OISE

Training and Support

OISE welcomes both newly-qualified and experienced teachers, and is committed to supporting them in all areas of their work. Training on every aspect of the programme is given shortly before each school opens, and ongoing help and guidance is provided throughout the course by the Course Leader and other senior staff on site. In addition to this, a team in Oxford is in contact with each school, and visits regularly during the summer. This means that our staff are able to teach English in the best environment possible.


Lesson Format

Octorial™ lessons - 8 students per teacher. Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students ensuring that all pupils receive the benefit of individual attention within a group dynamic. This is a fundamental principle of OISE.

Online Support

Employed teachers will be given access to the Staff Zone. This is a website that provides information about the operations of OISE courses as well as added resources to help staff. 

Teaching Programme

The syllabus has been created with the specific needs of a summer school in mind. It gives details of the language to be covered each day, and includes a Lesson Plan Pack at each level, which provides a wealth of ideas and ready-to-go lessons which teachers can use if they wish. The academic materials provided give invaluable help and support to newer teachers without stifling the style and creativity of those with more experience. Teaching intensive English is our priority and we do all we can to provide our teachers with all they need.


The Daily Timetable

Teachers will either deliver a 23 or a 27 hour timetable each week depending on the course and their contract. After lessons finish, teachers on the 23 hour contract are involved in supervising leisure activities on a rota basis. These may be sports, art and craft activities, treasure hunts, trips into town, etc, and are organised in advance. Supervision rotas vary between residential and non-residential courses. For more details, please go to the ‘Job Descriptions’ link.



  Non-residential Schools
Residential Schools 
     08.00-08.45 Breakfast
     09.00-09.30 Morning Assembly
 09.30-11.00 Classes
 11.00-11.30 Break
11.00-11.30 Break
 11.30-13.00Classes 11.30-13.00Classes
 15.30-15.45 Break 15.30-15.45 Break 
 15.45-17.15 Classes 15.45-17.15 Afternoon Activities
 17.15End of Day 18.00-19.00Dinner

19.00-20.00 Homework
    20.00-22.00Evening Activities
    22.00 In rooms
    22.30 Lights Out




















* Start and finish times and break/meal times may vary slightly for each centre


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