Non-Residential Schools

Integration into family life is essential to make the student’s stay in the country enjoyable and to make the learning process complete. Living with a family gives students the opportunity to practise what they have learned during the lessons.

All families must meet OISE’s standards: the houses are comfortable, the hosts are welcoming and, above all, are genuinely interested in receiving young guests and helping them to develop fluency in the language. Students share the family’s way of life by having breakfast and dinner with them, and joining in other activities such as sports and discussions. A packed lunch is eaten at school.

OISE also ensures that each pupil gets the maximum opportunity to practise their language by not accommodating two students of the same mother tongue in the same home. All meals are provided.


  • Dawlish
  • Folkestone
  • Newbury
  • Swindon
  • Telford

Please see the main OISE website for full details of all the centres.


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