Job description for Non-residential Course Leader


OISE's academic mission is to be the world’s leading organisation for intensive language teaching which is both demanding of the participants and fulfilling in its results.


Main purpose of the Job                                                                                   Reporting to: YLS Manager


To take responsibility for the overall success of the course, providing leadership and direction and ensuring that lessons and the leisure programme are delivered to the highest standard, in accordance with OISE criteria, to the maximum benefit of students.

Has an overriding responsibility for students' welfare and safety at all times.


Centre Management 

  • Manages the course daily, supervising the staff rota, monitoring the performance of course staff as well as the satisfaction levels of the students (through First Impressions Reports, End-of Course Questionnaires, and first hand evaluation) reacting as appropriate to make improvements to the students' experience.
  • Manages the financial success of the school, controlling expenditure to within agreed budgets, monitoring classroom loading, leisure costs, managing petty cash and reconciling expenditure at the end of the course.
  • Represents OISE locally, ensuring that branding is displayed correctly and OISE specifications are respected in areas such as staff student ratios, lesson times, publicity materials, time off for staff, documentation etc.
  • Is responsible for the setting up and closing of the school, liaising with the host-school representative as required to ensure a smooth relationship and maintain standards as well as reporting regularly to the YLS Manager on day-to-day events during the course.
  • Takes responsibility for the successful delivery of the excursions and evening social, ensuring a high standard, within agreed budgets and meeting educational objectives by writing lesson plans for cultural trips.
  • Teaches as required on all courses as emergency cover and where numbers are low.
  • Unpacks and packs academic resources reporting any missing or damaged materials to YLS Manager.
  • Ensures the prompt completion of all academic documentation including that on the google drive.
  • Welcomes visitors to the programme as required (e.g third party agents, colleagues from OISE, language agencies, inspectors from British Council etc)

Staff Management
  • Co-ordinates and chairs the pre-course meeting with the support of YLS Manager, ensuring that all team members are adequately inducted and duties allocated.
  • Creates the timetable in relation to student numbers/requirements, allocates teachers to classes and oversees the supervision rota at break times, lunch time and during activities.
  • Observes teachers and provides feedback on performance in line with OISE observation guidance, completes weekly hours returns and reports any related issues to YLS Manager.
  • Holds an assembly and staff meeting each morning to explain activity and transfer details etc.
Student Welfare
  • Welcomes the students on the first day, explaining the academic programme and expectations, co-ordinating placement testing and allocating students to groups.
  • Ensures the safety and welfare of students at all times, liaising with the Home Stay Co-ordinator, Customer Care and the YLS Manager as appropriate. Responds to requests for information from Booking Offices and Parents, ensuring effective communication and customer satisfaction are achieved.
  • Conducts a fire-drill at least once for each intake of students.
  • Takes overall responsibility for student/staff disciplinary matters during the school day and on activities in consultation with the Home Stay Co-ordinator and YLS Manager, responding to issues and emergencies as and when they arise.
  • Is responsible for safety, welfare and safeguarding of OISE students and is aware of and adheres to all OISE policies and procedures. 


Qualifications and experience


  • Experience of managing a team
  • Experience of working with young learners
  • Familiarity with OISE materials
  • DBS check. (If this has not yet been obtained, OISE will assist with and pay for an application on acceptance of a job offer.)
  • Level One Safeguarding including Prevent



Requirements of the Job


  • Attendance at OISE training event
  • Attendance during the course Mon-Fri 09.00 – 17.30 as well as outside these times when necessary and in cases of emergency.


  • £550 per week 
plus supplement
£10 per week for returning Course Leaders



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