Job description for Leisure and Welfare Leader

OISE's academic mission is to be the world’s leading organisation for intensive language teaching which is both demanding of the participants and fulfilling in its results.


Main purpose of the Job                                                                                                           Reporting to:  Course Leader


To take responsibility for assisting the Course Leader in all aspects of the course to ensure the smooth running of the leisure programme and at all times to the maximum benefit of students.

Has an overriding responsibility for the students' welfare and safety at all times.



Centre Management

  • Assists in the setting up of the school, administration and assigning duties to staff as required.
  • Forms a close working relationship with the Course Leader and Academic Leader.
  • Provides appropriate feedback on all responsibilities to the YLS Management team.
  • Takes overall responsibility when the Course Leader is off site.
  • Welcomes visitors to the programme as required (e.g third party agents, colleagues from OISE, language agencies, inspectors from the British Council etc.)
  • Is responsible for conduct in the school building e.g Locking up, lights off etc.


  • Leads the implementation and the coordination of the leisure programme, ensuring it is delivered to the highest standard in line with OISE's publicity material.
  • Creates the leisure programme by liaising with the host school and coach companies etc, whilst developing materials and resources, replenishing supplies as needed, including those for the first aid kits.
  • Leads the leisure meeting at the local pre-course training and each day during the course communicating the programme to the staff and students during meetings and by use of the leisure notice board.
  • Supports Leisure Supervisors and Teachers on delivering the leisure programme, conducting training where appropriate and ensures student/staff ratios are maintained,(1:15 on site, 1:12 off-site, 1:10 London), by creating the staff rota.
  • Observes leisure team and provides feedback on performance to Course Leader and YLS Management Team.
  • Monitors expenditure on the Leisure Programme ensuring that costs remain within budget.
  • Ensures maximum safety precautions are taken for all activities and excursions, ensure all staff are familiar with the Risk Assessments amd Health and Safety manual and updates these regularly as required.
  • Ensures the attendance of all students throughout the leisure programme and homework hour.

Student Welfare
  • Welcomes and supervises students on arrival/departure days, co-ordinating student orientation and couriering whilst working with the course leader to allocate staff roles.
  • Monitors student performance and satisfaction through student reports, first impressions and end of course questionnaires etc. liaising with the YLS Management where applicable.
  • Supervises and disciplines students as appropriate, dealing with emergencies and issues as and when they arise, especially those related to doctor/dentist/hospital trips; liaising with Customer Care as appropriate.
  • Co-ordinates laundry, banking and room inspections.
  • Is responsible for the safety, welfare and safeguarding of OISE students and is aware of and adheres to all OISE policies and procedures.

Qualifications and experience


  • Experience of managing a team
  • Experience of working with teens
  • DBS check. (If this has not yet been obtained, OISE will assist with and pay for an application on acceptance of a job offer.)
  • Level One Safeguarding including Prevent Duty
  • Desirable:suitable leisure qualifications e.g lifeguarding, first aid, sports management


Requirements of the Job     


  • Attendance OISE training event
  • Arrival at centre one day before course start  date
  • Attendance during the course for six days per week
  • Approximately 48 hours per week
  • One full day off per week to be taken on a weekday.



£400 per week plus full board

 plus supplement:


£25 per week for returning staff who have worked for at least one season with OISE Young Learners’ Schools.


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