Job Description for Residential Teacher (Sherbourne)

OISE's academic mission is to be the world’s leading organisation for intensive language teaching which is both demanding of the participants and fulfilling in its results.


Main purpose of the Job                                                                           Reporting to: Course Leader


To deliver lessons in accordance with the OISE house style which stimulate the student, and enhance their confidence in learning the language.

Has an overriding responsibility for the students' welfare and safety at all times during the course including times outside the normal duty rota.




  • Teaches 22.5 hours over five days per week.
  • Follows the framework syllabus with the focus on language skills in the morning and interactive language use in the afternoon, tailoring it to meet the individual abilities, goals and interests of the students in attendance.
  • Inducts students appropriately including conducting placement tests and welfare sessions as advised by the Academic/Course Leader.
  • Uses recommended resource materials (and/or develops materials in consultation with the Course Leader giving feedback where required) and respects all copyright requirements.
  • Monitors the performance of students at all times with the aid of formative and summative assessments whilst also advising the student on strategies for progression.
  • Completes academic records as required by the Academic Leader (in particular student reports and progress check results).
  • Co-operates with the Course Leader and on occasions with third party agents, colleagues from language agencies, and British Council Inspectors in the observation and evaluation of lessons.

Leisure & Welfare

  • Leads and supervises activities and excursions on a rota basis whilst also maintaining appropriate student/staff ratios as advised by Course Leader
  • Assists with the arrivals and departures of students throughout the course, checking bedrooms and facilities, escorting students etc.
  • Supervises the "going to bed" and "getting up" routines and breaks on a rota basis.
  • Works two activity sessions per week (weekdays) supervising activities and bedtime as per rota.
  • Works one full day per weekend on off-site excursion/transfer duties and on-site activities,
  • Deals with students in a helpful, courteous and professional manner whilst encouraging full and enthusiastic involvement by students in any scheduled activities.

  • Arrives one day before start date to attend pre-course meeting and training
  • Attends regular staff meetings: for briefings and discussion of academic and welfare matters as well as attending regular in-house training sessions.
  • Supervises students including attendance and behaviour, dealing with emergencies and issues as and when they arise.
  • Is responsible for the safety, welfare and safeguarding of OISE students and is aware of and adheres to all OISE policies and procedures.


Qualifications and experience


  • Experience of working with young learners
  • DBS checked. (If this has not yet been obtained, OISE will assist with and pay for an application on acceptance of a job offer.)
  • Level One safeguarding including Prevent Duty



Requirements of the Job


  • Attendance at OISE training event
  • Arrival one day before course start date
  • Attendance during the course on a rota basis for six days per week.
  • Approximately 48 hours per week, combination of teaching and leisure duties. One full day off per week.




£355 per week plus full board 

plus supplement:


£25 per week for returning staff who have worked for at least one season with Young Learners’ Schools


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