YLS Travel Service

OISE YLS has a well-established travel operation which ensures the students are well-looked after from the moment they arrive in the UK to the time they enter the departure lounge to return home. 
For those students who choose the group travel Eurostar option this begins even earlier as the couriers meet students at the station in Paris or Lille and accompany them on the trains.
As well as ensuring a safe and smooth journey for our students, we are constantly working on ways to enhance their travel experience. In 2007 we opened our welcome centre near Heathrow, which was refreshed and relaunched in 2013 as the Welcome Lounge. Almost all the Heathrow arrivals and many Gatwick/St Pancras arrivals are transferred to the Welcome Lounge. 
Instead of waiting in a busy airport terminal, students are registered and relax here. Food and activities are on offer. We want our young learners to start to make friends, learn more about their schools and above all feel that their courses start right here!
In fact, we want the experience to start the moment they enter the airport or station. That is why our meet and greet team also play a vital role in welcoming our students, keeping them informed and dealing with any travel queries. 

Meet and Greet/Welcome Lounge teams in London also look after students from our Regent Young Learner Schools. It is important to respond to the different needs of these groups, as well as each individual's needs.

Whichever role you choose, there is an opportunity to work with a diverse range of students and staff and make a real difference to their first and last impressions of OISE.  Many of the travel team return year after year but we are often looking for new team members to bring their energy, enthusiasm and ideas.

Many arrivals/departures are centred around London and therefore most staff are based within reasonable travelling distance of Heathrow or Gatwick. However, there are some opportunities at Manchester airports (for OISE York) and Dublin Airport (for Gormanston Park) . 
Arrivals are on Sundays and departures on Saturdays.  Please see the job descriptions for more information on each position.


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