About OISE

Founded in 1973, OISE is one of the longest-established language training organisations in the UK. OISE was founded as Oxford Intensive School of English. The University was the inspiration behind the OISE academic philosophy and OISE remains committed to intensive and serious study. Permanent schools for adult students have been established in Oxford, Cambridge, London, Bristol, Heidelberg, Paris and Boston.


The first OISE Young Learners’ School was set up in 1975 to meet the growing demand from young people (aged 7 - 17) for serious English language study. 1994 saw the opening of  the company's first all-year-round Young Learners' School in Newbury. Now one of the UK's leading multi-centre organisations, OISE Young Learners’ Schools are recognised as efficient by the British Council, and the division is a member of English UK.


OISE's academic mission is to be the world’s leading organisation for intensive language teaching which is both demanding of the participants and fulfilling in its results.


Depending on student numbers, residential schools are staffed by a Course Leader with overall responsibility for the course, together with a Leisure and Welfare Leader, Academic Leader, Teachers, and Leisure and Welfare Supervisors.


Intensive English teaching is the main purpose of the summer schools and we have many opportunities for English teachers. OISE recruitment also looks to employ leisure staff over the summer period along with travel staff.


Non-residential schools employ a Course Leader and teaching staff during daytime hours. A Host-family Co-ordinator is responsible for student welfare outside of school hours.


Full support to all schools is provided by our Head Office in Oxford.


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